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Deamon princess

I’m so bad at publishing regularly ;> I want to though. I have a big number of posts planned in my head, I just have some trouble with getting them out.

Anyway, I had a long hiatus with my miniatures but I started working on my army again these past three months. And I’ve gotten a LOT done. I started about doing some more conversions because I wanted more females in my army. So in the same spirit as my marauders I did a few more kitbash units.

For a start: a deamon princess of Slaanesh. Made from a deamonette, the naga from the dark elf Cauldron of blood, wych elf arms and an assortment of weapons. I think she turned out nicely :) I’m gonna put her on a cliff and resculpt her tail a bit.
She is inspired part by Kali, part by Dechala the Denied One. I really like Dechalas story. I’ve made an elven version of her as well that I’m gonna use for my wood elf/Sylvaneth army.

I’ll try to upload some more photos of the rest of the army when I have time. In the meantime I post much more photos on my instagram @valadys if you are interested :>

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I’ll just post a bunch of pictures of my Church project. Gonna have to put some more work into this someday :)


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Vortex beast base – Path to Glory

Made myself this pretty nice looking base (saying so myself) for my Vortex beast. I choose a rather large base for it, cause I like to have room for some more detailed terrain on my models :)

The main idea was to use sea shells because I think those look pretty neat on bases. And I feel like it kinda fits with a Slaanesh band. The Vortex beast got some larger shells as there was plenty of room on the base.

A note on gluing shells: superglue works perfect, but make sure you put the shells exactly where you want them. You will not be able to move them around. Shells are so porous they soak up the glue right away and then they wont ever come off again. You can’t pick them loose without breaking them. Which is both a good and a bad thing I guess. At least the base wont break.


Also used some basing stuff from one of GW’s new basing kits. Some kind of ruins. Pieces in this one was really much larger than I expected. I guess they’re meant more for terrain than bases. Works with this one tho, and I cut smaller pieces for the rest of the band.

Added a bunch of sand and dirt around the shells :) and some smaller details, like skulls and twigs and such.


Here it is primed and ready.
I’m really happy with the result actually. Gonna be fun to paint later on. I’m thinking of using turquoise and bronze for it.

Also based a few of the other members of the warband. My sorceress will probably get a bit of water effect on her base.
She’s sanding on a piece pf bark, added some shells and sand around it.


I used some crinkled-up superglue for kind of corals around her stone. Made by dripping glue into water (I read a tutorial on that somewhere but I can’t remember now who wrote it).


The marauder horse(wo)men I made. Got two more of these that need basing.
These have some pieces from the basing kit added, along with shells and sand mostly.


My chaos spawns (Tigers of Dirz from Confrontation).
Bark, cork, sand, dirt, shells and dried flowers.


All of the smaller ones have got some skulls and other details to their bases, and some dried flowers and tiny roots I picked outside.

Only ones missing bases here are two marauders, the hero and my Lord. I’ve actually finished up the lord and based it along with the remaining two marauders. I’ll post those later.


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We walk as tall as the skyline, and we have roots like the trees

I found me some more Rackham minis. Cause you can never have enough ^^
Also, I got them just after new year so as it’s a new year, basically, the fund is reset.

Found a few rarities I’ve been looking for quite some time now. Almost done with all the pinning. I broke yet another 0.5 drill though. And, as usual, it was one I borrowed from a friend. I’ve broken about 6-7 of his drills by now I think. It’s getting quite embarrassing. Gonna have to buy him a bunch of new ones someday.


Quite happy to have the S’Erum with the boxed novel :)




Almost completed my collection of Devourers of Vile-Tis. Just missing three of the elves and a wolf.
I’ve always favoured the wolfen clans, though I think the Wolfen of Yllia have some figs that area plain ugly honestly, the older ones. So I don’t plan on collecting all of them. All of the Vile-Tis ones are really nice.



The elves and Mercenary Ogre (I’ve got a plan to use the ogre for a Mordheim warband later on.)


Got a box of remaining ones to pin still. Have to wait for the new drills tho :)


Also, best use of transfers ever.


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Cynwall Akhamiäls

My Akhamials for Cynwall!
On the darker half of the army. Think I will make all the constructs in dark blue/purple with blue glow :) 

Got 4 more to paint, pretty quick tho.






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“The Dragon goes to war” – part 2

Finished my unit of Cynwall Selsyms at last!

9 of them here. There is a tenth that is still not painted. I had to strip it of paint before I could add it to the bunch. So it’s still in the wip-pile.
There is also a champion, a musician and standard bearer to this troop, so I will batch paint nr 10 together with those.

I’m happy with how they turned out anyway!

Next up fot this army is the small robots I think. I have painted one of them and they’re pretty quickly done so shouldn’t take too long.
I have been taking a break and worked on some other stuff in between though. Like Razheem and my Path to Glory warband. I also got me some fabulous Sylvaneths <3

Way to many projects as usual.

Photos are a bit grainy on the detail. Guess you all know the struggle of photographing tiny people with an average camera in bad lightning.
I’ll have to take some better photos later on :)



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“Command little masters. My destiny is in your hands” – Mid-Nor

Another Confrontation army Ive been basing :)

I got some resin bases that I copied in a silicone mold. They were round so I just poured a shallow level of resin and just used the top layer of them and glued them on the bases.

The small ones I could just cut out from a base but the large ones i had to patch together. I think they look really nice tho, feels like they suit the army really well. I love the chequered bases the official miniatures. I had sculpted some of my own but i didnt much like how they turned out (kinda looked like crap really, uneven stones and skewed patterns, not my best work by far, kinda disheartening so I didn’t feel like sculpting new ones) and i just liked these much better.

Neran the Scary, the Cyclops and Morzath the Infernal (who actually belongs to Cadwallon, erhm, I should have remembered that. 

Scourge bearers and Gallows-Bearer of Mid-Nor

Azahir the Mad, Akaranseth and Collector of Mid-Nor 2

Collector of Mid-Nor 1, Master of Puppets 1 & 2

The Demon Tower. I love this one! 

And I finally found the Mid-nor Court of the Abyss to add to my collection! <3

Theyre kinda rare and usually really expensive. I accidentally bought it on ebay for half of what it usually goes for. So Im kinda happy with that. (Seriously by accident, apparently if you mistakenly tap the buy now button while using the app there is no message to confirm, you just automatically buy the item. Useful information for future browsing.)

Managed to buy a double set of these actually, one from a friend and the one I bought on Ebay. The second set (tho missing the king) I gave to another friend as a birthday present.

The centaur with the toy horsehead is probably my favourite :>

All now standing patiently on my shelf, awaiting some colors!

I’m still missing a few models from Mid-Nor that I would like. And I have aquired a few more since basing these. Post those up later :)

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“Follow me or die here!”

Today’s project: building a base and start painting Razheem the Insane.
The model is a friend of mine’s, he promised me I could paint it because I really loved it :) It’s an old Confrontation model so it’s of course oop now. But this was like 4 years ago so I’ve managed to find myself my own copy since then. Still painting this one for him though.

Fort starters, cleaned up my desk a bit. Doesn’t really look like it but I swear I have.


Managed to clean out this spot for today’s project anyway.


Making a nice display base for this. That’s the idea anyway. I bought the plinth like 3 years ago or something. So this has been a project in the making for quite long, for sure.
I’ve been saving this piece of moss-covered bark for this as well. At least it’s properly dried out by now.

I showed this to another friend of mine and he asked how one would paint the moss. I really have no idea, I’m thinking I’m just gonna spray it with primer and see how that works out.



Fitting of the miniature. My idea is to have him riding over some kind of natural bridge. I want the space underneath to be a bit bigger than this. I’m gonna use some water effect to make a little stream under it.
So I’m gonna raise it up a bit by adding a few more wooden pieces onto the bottom.

Using a bit of milliput mixed out with greenstuff for making the groundworks of the base. A 60/40 mix (or something like that).
I like mixing those two, makes it less sticky than milliput and less tangy than greenstuff. Perfect blend.


All nice and sticky. So are my fingers.


Placed the wooden piece on top and pushed it down a bit into the milliput, so it would stick. Fitting the horse on top and checking all angles so it doesn’t look like it’s about to fall backwards os something.
Also, pinning something through moss is really hard. Good luck trying to find those drill holes again.


Looks good I think!

Then while the milliput dries for a bit you can spend your spare time doing some sculpting on your Path to Glory Lord of Slaanesh.
I’m no good with sculpting though. I blame it on my lack of patience in that specific department.

The milliput has dried a little and the piece of bark is sitting tight. Adding some tiny stones to the base. Just pressing them into the milliput.
I really need to go out and find me some pointer stones, and of different sizes. I think these are from an aquarium or something, all round and more or less the same size.

Added a few stones on each side. I also added some smaller pieces of wood to bring some more elevation to the surface.

Next up is some twigs and stuff. These are roots from somewhere, don’t remember. Maybe a tree or something. Think my friend actually picked these.


Found a bigger piece that would make for a nice tree. Fitted it with the miniature to make sure it wouldn’t take up too much space.


There is this perfect little space to fasten it though so it’s kinda meant to be.


These are some dried flowers I’ve picked outside. Autumn is a great time for scavenging, everything is already dried up and ready to use. As long as it’s been kinda dry and not raining a lot of course.


Fitting again so as to not place the flowers in the way of the horses hooves.


These are kinda the same color as the moss so they’re a bit hard to see before painted but I think it’ll look nice once it’s finished.

These white ones show a bit better against the moss.

These other white ones I bought from somewhere actually. Can’t remember where from though. I think it might say on the box they came in.

Now to let the milliput harden fully before adding some sand and dirt.


In the meantime you can redo the pinning of the horse’s tail because apparently you didn’t do it well enough last time so it came off.


I’m gonna add some tiny animals to the base. Settled for a frog and a hare (that one on request).


Tiny hare.


Tiny frog.


Onto the dirt! Superglued some flower-pot earth around the base. On the parts around the wood pieces.

Also added sand to some parts. Where I want the stream to be, so it’ll will have a nice sandy bottom.


I’m using this really fine sand for this as I don’t want the sand parts of the ground to be too high in volume. I think the sand is from some zen-garden decoration piece. This is a much better use.

Quite the mess.

The whole ground surface is now covered in sand or dirt.



So I’m not sure why I had to buy this already lacquered base for this project. I’m stupid I guess.
Priming it will of course be a pain. I taped some paper around the part I don’t want to cover in white spray.

The tape worked kinda well, except for some minor parts of the edges. But that was easily corrected with some rubbing alcohol.


Now to add a new tiny hare to the base. As the first one fell off and got lost while priming.
Learned from my mistake and am pinning this one.

Finished and primed base!

Now to tidy things up before moving on to painting.
Got my lovely P3 wet palette there. Perfect size for travelling.


I’ve also got this great little book for taking notes on what paints I’ve used. Best thing I ever did probably. Since I do hold up on painting for quite a while sometimes, and not really finishing what I was painting at the time.
This way I don’t have to try to figure out through trial and error what paints I used last time. Also, its pretty.


I want the armour a kinda pale metal, tinted in light pink. (I’ve got a thing for pale colors lately).
First try on the armour came out way more pink than I had in mind.


Tried just painting copper over light silver. Kinda like it but I still want to add a pink element to it.


This is somewhere in between. Painted a base color of pink-peach and used copper and silver on top of it. With a touch of dark brown for the shadows.
I’m gonna make both Razheems and the horses armour this color. Might paint some parts in another color to break it off and keep it from being to uniform. A tint of turquoise maybe.

I’ll do some more painting on this tomorrow. Hopefully I can finish up at least Razheem.

In hindsight I can say that moss does not paint well.

I think it might still end up looking good thought. I’ll just have to be careful not to tear off little pieces while painting. Not to be used on tabletop miniatures.



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“We awoke to see the grass is black, and the sky was made of ashes” – Path to Glory

I’ve been making myself a Path to Glory warband since a friend of mine wanted to start a campaign. Mostly all of our little group will be joining it, though at the moment the others are busy with assembling and painting 30k armies, which means I have got some time to finish up. Which is good considering my very slow painting rate :>

So I’ve rolled for what units I am going to have and the results are as follows:


Mutilath  ~ Amutseba – Devourer of Stars

(I actually got a re-roll (or maybe several) to get this one because I’ve always wanted one and I liked it best from the options on the list.

No pic!


Chaos Lord on Daemonic mount  ~ Kithel-zar the Eternal

Cursed warhammer, chaos runeshield, mighty hooves.

Not sure what to use for warhammer, I like the staff that it comes with but I would like something really heavy for her. The kind of hammer that looks like you don’t even need to fight with it, just place it gently on top of someone head and their skull is crushed.
The horse is from Confrontation, Red Lionesses horse that I had a spare copy of (I think I have three actually).


Pinned and greystuffed to the horse, I need to fill in some parts of the legs and stuff. Using the original shield.
I cut the upper half of the legs of and angled them a bit. Her butt is the bottom half of some other metal model that I have no idea what it was.



Exalted Champion of Slaanesh

Darksteel axe, Chaos runeshield.



A mix of dark elf parts. From the Coven throne /Cauldron of Blood + some random flag, chaos knights maybe. I’m changing her head though, not really happy with this one.
Also used another shield for her, the one that goes with the axe. I don’t know where they are from but they look like they could be from Confrontation. Or maybe woodelf weapons from Gamezone?


Chaos Sorcerer Lord

Runestaff, Runesword.


I used a staff from the Mortach box for her, and cut the leg and foot off one of the witch elves from the Cauldron of blood because I liked the shoes.
Her sword is from the Witch elves. Guess its really a dagger but its big enough to be a sword.
Wing on her shoulder I don’t know where it’s from, found it in my bits box.




5 Marauder Horse(wo)men

(I got Hellstriders but I think I’ll go with Marauders instead. The unit would prob work as both but I put axes and shields on them so M’s might be better.)

Barbarian axes, shields, Chaos steeds with flailing hooves.



I used Witch elves for these, made a cast of their bent legs so I would have two for each marauder and pieced them together on the horses. They were kinda perfect for riders really.

Horses are made from wood elf horses, with heads from marauder horsemen. The tails are different witch elf hair pieces, some from the witches and some from cauldron of blood. I thought the original tails from the wood elf horses were kinda dull. Dont much like their heads either.
The spikes are leftovers from plastic mounts of Slaanesh and I glued some chains from the marauders onto the horses.






Standard bearer.



All done and primed!



I made a cast for the axeheads from some mini I got from a friend, pinned them to the flail handles so I could use the actual arms and hands from the witches.
Cut away the elven runes from the shields and sanded them smooth.


The other half of their flails I used as braids for the horses tails.



2 Spawn of Chaos

Using my Tigers of Dirz :> cause I think they fit in with the style of the rest of them.
Not gonna do any conversions to these two.


Not sure what colours to use but I’m leaning towards turquoise. Mixed with purple and pink would probably be nice :)
Might test-paint a deamonette or something.



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So I’ve written a few drafts and posted none. My bad.

Anyway, have to share this with you, last chance to join the Twisted kickstarter campaign :)
Everything is amazing, you should check it out!


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