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We walk as tall as the skyline, and we have roots like the trees

I found me some more Rackham minis. Cause you can never have enough ^^
Also, I got them just after new year so as it’s a new year, basically, the fund is reset.

Found a few rarities I’ve been looking for quite some time now. Almost done with all the pinning. I broke yet another 0.5 drill though. And, as usual, it was one I borrowed from a friend. I’ve broken about 6-7 of his drills by now I think. It’s getting quite embarrassing. Gonna have to buy him a bunch of new ones someday.


Quite happy to have the S’Erum with the boxed novel :)




Almost completed my collection of Devourers of Vile-Tis. Just missing three of the elves and a wolf.
I’ve always favoured the wolfen clans, though I think the Wolfen of Yllia have some figs that area plain ugly honestly, the older ones. So I don’t plan on collecting all of them. All of the Vile-Tis ones are really nice.



The elves and Mercenary Ogre (I’ve got a plan to use the ogre for a Mordheim warband later on.)


Got a box of remaining ones to pin still. Have to wait for the new drills tho :)


Also, best use of transfers ever.


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