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“We awoke to see the grass is black, and the sky was made of ashes” – Path to Glory

I’ve been making myself a Path to Glory warband since a friend of mine wanted to start a campaign. Mostly all of our little group will be joining it, though at the moment the others are busy with assembling and painting 30k armies, which means I have got some time to finish up. Which is good considering my very slow painting rate :>

So I’ve rolled for what units I am going to have and the results are as follows:


Mutilath  ~ Amutseba – Devourer of Stars

(I actually got a re-roll (or maybe several) to get this one because I’ve always wanted one and I liked it best from the options on the list.

No pic!


Chaos Lord on Daemonic mount  ~ Kithel-zar the Eternal

Cursed warhammer, chaos runeshield, mighty hooves.

Not sure what to use for warhammer, I like the staff that it comes with but I would like something really heavy for her. The kind of hammer that looks like you don’t even need to fight with it, just place it gently on top of someone head and their skull is crushed.
The horse is from Confrontation, Red Lionesses horse that I had a spare copy of (I think I have three actually).


Pinned and greystuffed to the horse, I need to fill in some parts of the legs and stuff. Using the original shield.
I cut the upper half of the legs of and angled them a bit. Her butt is the bottom half of some other metal model that I have no idea what it was.



Exalted Champion of Slaanesh

Darksteel axe, Chaos runeshield.



A mix of dark elf parts. From the Coven throne /Cauldron of Blood + some random flag, chaos knights maybe. I’m changing her head though, not really happy with this one.
Also used another shield for her, the one that goes with the axe. I don’t know where they are from but they look like they could be from Confrontation. Or maybe woodelf weapons from Gamezone?


Chaos Sorcerer Lord

Runestaff, Runesword.


I used a staff from the Mortach box for her, and cut the leg and foot off one of the witch elves from the Cauldron of blood because I liked the shoes.
Her sword is from the Witch elves. Guess its really a dagger but its big enough to be a sword.
Wing on her shoulder I don’t know where it’s from, found it in my bits box.




5 Marauder Horse(wo)men

(I got Hellstriders but I think I’ll go with Marauders instead. The unit would prob work as both but I put axes and shields on them so M’s might be better.)

Barbarian axes, shields, Chaos steeds with flailing hooves.



I used Witch elves for these, made a cast of their bent legs so I would have two for each marauder and pieced them together on the horses. They were kinda perfect for riders really.

Horses are made from wood elf horses, with heads from marauder horsemen. The tails are different witch elf hair pieces, some from the witches and some from cauldron of blood. I thought the original tails from the wood elf horses were kinda dull. Dont much like their heads either.
The spikes are leftovers from plastic mounts of Slaanesh and I glued some chains from the marauders onto the horses.






Standard bearer.



All done and primed!



I made a cast for the axeheads from some mini I got from a friend, pinned them to the flail handles so I could use the actual arms and hands from the witches.
Cut away the elven runes from the shields and sanded them smooth.


The other half of their flails I used as braids for the horses tails.



2 Spawn of Chaos

Using my Tigers of Dirz :> cause I think they fit in with the style of the rest of them.
Not gonna do any conversions to these two.


Not sure what colours to use but I’m leaning towards turquoise. Mixed with purple and pink would probably be nice :)
Might test-paint a deamonette or something.



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