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Vortex beast base – Path to Glory

Made myself this pretty nice looking base (saying so myself) for my Vortex beast. I choose a rather large base for it, cause I like to have room for some more detailed terrain on my models :)

The main idea was to use sea shells because I think those look pretty neat on bases. And I feel like it kinda fits with a Slaanesh band. The Vortex beast got some larger shells as there was plenty of room on the base.

A note on gluing shells: superglue works perfect, but make sure you put the shells exactly where you want them. You will not be able to move them around. Shells are so porous they soak up the glue right away and then they wont ever come off again. You can’t pick them loose without breaking them. Which is both a good and a bad thing I guess. At least the base wont break.


Also used some basing stuff from one of GW’s new basing kits. Some kind of ruins. Pieces in this one was really much larger than I expected. I guess they’re meant more for terrain than bases. Works with this one tho, and I cut smaller pieces for the rest of the band.

Added a bunch of sand and dirt around the shells :) and some smaller details, like skulls and twigs and such.


Here it is primed and ready.
I’m really happy with the result actually. Gonna be fun to paint later on. I’m thinking of using turquoise and bronze for it.

Also based a few of the other members of the warband. My sorceress will probably get a bit of water effect on her base.
She’s sanding on a piece pf bark, added some shells and sand around it.


I used some crinkled-up superglue for kind of corals around her stone. Made by dripping glue into water (I read a tutorial on that somewhere but I can’t remember now who wrote it).


The marauder horse(wo)men I made. Got two more of these that need basing.
These have some pieces from the basing kit added, along with shells and sand mostly.


My chaos spawns (Tigers of Dirz from Confrontation).
Bark, cork, sand, dirt, shells and dried flowers.


All of the smaller ones have got some skulls and other details to their bases, and some dried flowers and tiny roots I picked outside.

Only ones missing bases here are two marauders, the hero and my Lord. I’ve actually finished up the lord and based it along with the remaining two marauders. I’ll post those later.


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