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“To rip the sky like lightening”

 Did a color test on one of my Azure Hunters from the Cadwallon army. Keeping these very pale, shades of blue and purple. 

Hoping I can tie these together nicely with the Kestrels that are green, brown and red. Going to mix the army between these color schemes I think. Dark to light. I would like to add some yellow to this too, together with purple I think, gonna try it out anyway. 

I sorted them up, left will be lightests and right darkest. Azure Hunters somewhat in the middle. 

Not sure about the Novas and Pulsar.    

These arent great photos, at all. But you get the idea. Theyre a bit lighter and slightly less blue toned irl. Im happy with how the colors turned out tho. No real inspiration for these colorwise, except the hair which is the same color as the concept art from Rackham. 

Then i just went with what felt fitting. The dress is painted in one of the blue hues I used for the hair (trollblood base from P3). 

Primed white and painted with very thin layers of dilluted paint. 



Batch painting these too. Says something about my batch skills tho that I started another group before finishing the first one. 

Oh well. 



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