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“To rip the sky like Lightening: part 2”

Finished all the Azure Hunters a few weeks ago. Finally got around to writing a post ;)

Got some in progress photos. 


Painted one piece of armour at a time on all five of the remaining ones. Worked really well actually, managed to get the colors on each one pretty unison. 

The hair was a bit tricky, I used Nihilakh Oxide from GW as one of the colors. Not good for painting surfaces with as its so thin but I love the color of it. I’m gonna have to find a matching one thats a bit thicker. 

Compared to the Kestrels in color:

Quite far off in color but should be fine. 

I was thinking of maybe painting the red sashes on the Kestrels in blues, but I didnt think it really suited the other colors. Probably make them orange instead. Some of the other units will be orange as well. 

All done! 

I painted some pants on them tho, contrary to the Rackham promo ones, cause they looked kinda ridiculous without any :P

Glued some flock and grass tufts onto the bases, might add someting else to them later, once the whole army is done.

One of them is missing a foot so I hid it in a tuft (:

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  1.   Bush Craft Says:

    Great job on these.

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