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“The wind whispers to me it’s secrets”

Have been working on my Cynwall army for Confrontation, basing all of them and am planning to paint them up. 

I didnt feel like making my own bases for all of them since I have quite a lot of them. So I bought some resin base from Micro Arts and made a silikon mold of them so I could copy them. 

I would have liked to buy bases for all of them cause I think they make really nice bases, but it kinda got expensive so moulding them was a better alternative. Im gonna be buying some other style bases for other armies/minis though :)



I didn’t get any cavalry bases ad the only cavalry is the elemental unicorn. I just made a scrap-base out of 40mm base pieces glued onto a GW cavalry base. 

I love the pose on the unicorn, kinda flying but still very static. Dreamy. 

2015-01-12 22.35.29


These are the bases I bought:






I really liked the styles of these base, with the ruin stones on them. I think scenic bases often feel a bit too busy with so much terrain on them but these felt like they had a really good balance. Kinda flat but still nice ruins. 

I decided to put all of them on the same six different bases (since they are kinda flat anyway). I can just vary them with some different anounts of vegetation. Might add some flowers and etched ferns to them. 
Painted the base on this one to try out the colors. I kept the same theme as the originals with white/blue stones on the ruins. I made mine a little darker tho, more pronounced blue. 


I think it turned out really nice. Added some greenery to it, think ill ad some kind of flowers too. Im considering having some kind of red element on the bases, but I’ll see what might be fitting once I’ve got some of the minis painted.    

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