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“The Dragon goes to war”

These are my Selsyms, sword troops for Cynwall.

Three belong to the war-staff, together with a musician, standard bearer and a captain.  The rest are part of the regular troops box, but I’m missing a few. I think I have all the sculpts but there should be 11 of them.

I think I have 10 whole ones (missing one in the pictures that needs to be stripped of ols paint), and one without feet cause I broke it when I was removing the old bases and now I cant find the base with the feet on it. So theres 3 missing in total, counting staff and troop.

Might be lying around somewhere around my desk, or I might have bought the war-staff without the regular warriors, Im not sure. Doubt I’ll be needing them anyway.

The first trial one.

I used the same colors as on the Azure Hunters for the armour. Mixed pink/purplish grey at the bottom and thin layers of white on top. Gave the shield a gradient from grey to pink to make the surface feel a bit less flat (that was the idea anyway).



The progress so far, pants and bases are done for all of them.

Just the endless layering of whites left to go before painting details.


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