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“The Dragon goes to war” – part 2

Finished my unit of Cynwall Selsyms at last!

9 of them here. There is a tenth that is still not painted. I had to strip it of paint before I could add it to the bunch. So it’s still in the wip-pile.
There is also a champion, a musician and standard bearer to this troop, so I will batch paint nr 10 together with those.

I’m happy with how they turned out anyway!

Next up fot this army is the small robots I think. I have painted one of them and they’re pretty quickly done so shouldn’t take too long.
I have been taking a break and worked on some other stuff in between though. Like Razheem and my Path to Glory warband. I also got me some fabulous Sylvaneths <3

Way to many projects as usual.

Photos are a bit grainy on the detail. Guess you all know the struggle of photographing tiny people with an average camera in bad lightning.
I’ll have to take some better photos later on :)



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3 Responses to ““The Dragon goes to war” – part 2”

  1.   Atreju Says:

    Wow, they are really cool. Especially the swords, they look like they glow from the inside, and the mother-of pearl-effect on the armour. A little bit more contrast between the cloth on the legs and the armour would have been nice, though, because the colour is quite similar. I see that there is indeed a difference, but maybe it’s the camera.

    •   Ethelie Says:

      Thank you!
      There is a little more difference in color on the armour and cloth in real life, but I kept both pretty close in color and tone.
      My idea is to make the whole army a sort of gradient, with these being on the paler side. I posted some Azure hunters and Kestrels before, both with more contrast. The Kestrels on the heavier side.
      Hoping it will tie up nicely once the whole army is done :)

  2.   Atreju Says:

    Oh, I’m sure it will. The Kestrels are quite a contrast to this paler ones, but I like the idea of the colour gradient troughout the army. Keep up the good work, I’m excited to see more of these wonderful minis!