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“Subtley is the virtue of nobles”

I got some paint on my Cynwall Kestrels \o/

Trying to do some batch painting on these, never managed that before cause I get kinda bored. 

I think these will be the darkest ones in the army, colorwise, want to keep the rest of them very light. I think it suits them. 

Used this painting by Stephanie Law for inspiration:

Lighter on top and gradually darker. I used red for the sash tho, tho break off all the green and browns. 

Did pretty good with the batch thing I think, made for some faster progress than usual. Though I havent been as meticulous as I usually am. More like really slow speedpainting.  

This one is the first, tried out the colors on him before I painted the rest of them. 

I hadnt decided on the armour here yet, but I made a test on another mini yesterday that I think turned out nice, gonna paint it very pale. Hopefully it will make for a nice contrast. 

Not sure if I will give them all the same haircolor, reddish brown goes nicely with the green but might be too uniform. I’ll probably keep them kinda dark tho. 

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