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“They call me the Shipwrecker”   Goblin pirates

This is my Mordheim pirate crew, for use with the airship I have been constructing (which I really need to finish by the way, not too much work left on it).

Consisting of Rackhams with the edition of GW’s Goblin Doom Divers, because I think they’re cool.

The original goblin pirate crew are these nine (plus the cannon). Happy I managed to find these :) they don’t show up for sale very often and they fit perfectly for my airship.

I had this Trigger of Kaurik that I got a while before the pirates, that seemed right as part of the pirate crew. The goblins monocular broke off though and I can’t find the missing piece, going to have to sculpt one to fix it.

The Black Troll will be a part of the crew as well.

This one is actually a recast, I don’t really like that sort of thing, but with a company that doesn’t exist anymore I think its ok. I woud rather buy the original (also for the collectors value) but I havent found it anywhere so I settled for this.

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