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“Command little masters. My destiny is in your hands” – Mid-Nor

Another Confrontation army Ive been basing :)

I got some resin bases that I copied in a silicone mold. They were round so I just poured a shallow level of resin and just used the top layer of them and glued them on the bases.

The small ones I could just cut out from a base but the large ones i had to patch together. I think they look really nice tho, feels like they suit the army really well. I love the chequered bases the official miniatures. I had sculpted some of my own but i didnt much like how they turned out (kinda looked like crap really, uneven stones and skewed patterns, not my best work by far, kinda disheartening so I didn’t feel like sculpting new ones) and i just liked these much better.

Neran the Scary, the Cyclops and Morzath the Infernal (who actually belongs to Cadwallon, erhm, I should have remembered that. 

Scourge bearers and Gallows-Bearer of Mid-Nor

Azahir the Mad, Akaranseth and Collector of Mid-Nor 2

Collector of Mid-Nor 1, Master of Puppets 1 & 2

The Demon Tower. I love this one! 

And I finally found the Mid-nor Court of the Abyss to add to my collection! <3

Theyre kinda rare and usually really expensive. I accidentally bought it on ebay for half of what it usually goes for. So Im kinda happy with that. (Seriously by accident, apparently if you mistakenly tap the buy now button while using the app there is no message to confirm, you just automatically buy the item. Useful information for future browsing.)

Managed to buy a double set of these actually, one from a friend and the one I bought on Ebay. The second set (tho missing the king) I gave to another friend as a birthday present.

The centaur with the toy horsehead is probably my favourite :>

All now standing patiently on my shelf, awaiting some colors!

I’m still missing a few models from Mid-Nor that I would like. And I have aquired a few more since basing these. Post those up later :)

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