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“and I will walk through woods again – Horncrowned, like my Father”

Testing out some colors for my Confrontation armies. 

These are some Daïkinees.

I want to paint them in pretty strong colors, Im thinking red-orange-yellow and purple. And some green details. 

Ive just been splashing some color in different combinations on two of the warriors, trying to decide where to use what. 

Hardest part was the colors turned out almost a bit too bright. The contrast between light and dark felt a bit too bland when using only reds for the armour. And the red came out so strongly it kinds felt cartoony. In a bad way. 

Im not very good at dulling out colors it would seem. Or I’m just out of practice with painting. 

But I think I found a good armour color for these, quite happy with the shoulderpad here. Im gonna have to paint a whole warrior to see how it hold up with the orange and purple. 

Might need to make it a more obvious red so the original color concept doesnt get lost. 

But so far so good. 

Also noticed a tiny forest has sprung up in my wet palette. Felt a bit bad rinsing it off but I suspect it’s not great for panting. 


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