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A compilation of tutorials that I have found useful. I made a page to list them and make it easier to find what I’m looking for. Clicking on the links will take you to the original page, hope you find something useful in here as well :)

I will update this list every now and then when I find an interesting article.

Credit to all the people who wrote these and are kind enough to share them with the rest of us!


Non metallic metal

NMM step-by-step tutorial by Sprocket

NMM copper by Sprocket

NMM step-by-step from MaGie

True metallic metal

Real metallics tutorial by Automaton

Axe  by

TNM from Massive Voodoo


Automaton on painting flesh

Painting marble by Ana

Object source lightning from Brushthralls

Glowing green eyes by FRATER DOMUS

Freehand patterns

Celtic patterns by Skeeve

Painting patterns in black/white by Ana part two


Sculpting flags by Roman

Useful tip on how to sculpt tentacles from Eye of Error


Making cheap display bases by MaGie

Water tutorial by Iguazzu

Some useful tips from Brushthralls

Color matching

Two useful tools for finding a good colorscheme for your miniature;

this one I like to use when I want a paler scheme

and this one for stronger color.

Gamut Mask Tool

Another one with the # of colors, very useful

Stripping minis

My own method for cleaning off old paint

Non-miniature related

How to photograps paintings from Muddy Colors


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