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“Anara.. clouds of light”

I have, since I moved into this place around 3 years ago, hated the wallpaper in my one room. It’s the most boring kind of white, just about as anonymous as it gets.
Now I finally had enough and went to the store and bought paint and new wallpapers.

There will be flowers on one wall, big white ones on a goldish metallic background, and the other three I’ve started painting a matching champagne tone.
I like it better already.
It’s about half a wall left, the one behind my desk.
That means taking down all the comics and various photos, postcards and business cards I’ve been collecting and covered the wall with (and moving all of my minis).
I’m gonna have to put them all up again once I’m done painting cause it makes me happy to look at them.
So really, it might seem a bit of a waste to redecorate my walls since the greater part of their surface doesn’t show anyway, but it feels much better.

I’ve been sorting through my paperwork while waiting for the paint to dry, bills and stuff. Also something I’ve been thinking about doing for the last three years or so.
The cat is helping by sleeping on top of my neatly piled papers and generally just being in my way.

Now for some sleep.
I’m gonna finish painting tomorrow and hopefully get to the wallpapers on tuesday.

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