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there is a light in the shallow waters

• December 29, 2011

I’m a bad updater but whatever. I’ve had a great birthday and a good christmas and way too much Skyrim, if that’s possible. Feeling a bit fed up with christmas and all that comes with it now, my mum was hysterical as always, It’s good to be home in the quiet. A little army update: […]

we set sail with no star in sight

• October 5, 2011

I took some new and better photos of the units I’m painting. A little cleaner than my usual from-the-desk updates :)

White limbs, in green glass, and sorrow halted your tears

• October 4, 2011

WordPress recommends me to use titles that reflect the topic of my blog posts, not really my thing I have to say. I’d rather leave the title blank if I can’t rack my mind for a suitable piece of poetry. All the Fusiliers together in the swamp. Got some colors on my Cthonian Larvae, I […]

“In life, they were a motley crew: farmers, lords, cutpurses, priests. In death, they are united in singular, benevolent purpose.”

• September 26, 2011

Had a quiet weekend by my desk, nice break from the world. Painted the marine base I made, I think it works. Used Andrea blacks for the stone, I like the sooty feel those paints give, felt suitable for molten rock. Just going to tone the skull down to a less white color ;) Glowy! […]

I give to you three magic beans, whisper into them your wildest dreams

• September 16, 2011

Feels like I chose just the right time of year to have a vacation. It’s been raining all week. It’s nice. Went picking mushrooms with my grandmother so now I have enough to last med the winter, and plenty to spare. Painted the last 4 fusiliers today , just got the bases and some sygaldry […]


• September 13, 2011

Painting up the remaining 4 fusiliers. Doing the different parts on all four together instead of painting one at a time. I imagine it’s faster. Though it’s not like I’m fast anyway. Now that autumn’s here, I’m having my one week of summer vacation (much needed) so I’m hoping to catch up with my paint […]

“where the light ends”

• September 7, 2011

Writing a short step-by-step post on the swampbases for anyone interested :) I’ll just show you while making this placefiller for the bonejacks, I was planning to get the unit done today. First, I took a small branch from my mum’s precious tree, from wich you are not, under any circumstances, allowed to break of […]

“sometimes for an artist the only difference between genius and insanity is success”

• September 1, 2011

It has been brought to my attention that it is slightly (or very, really) odd to be so intent on building an army for a gameday that hasn’t even been set yet. I choose not to listen to that and instead give you an update on the army! All the friends together! Here is our […]

“Let me tell you what to do. Dig a pit that’s ten by two. Ash and elm and rowan too”

• August 17, 2011

Pff. I’m not up to painting today. I tried and it just didn’t look right. Successfully driving the King insane with all my worries about what are we going to have in our army, what units and what models etc… :) We’re on good time but knowing that he’s never managed to get an army […]