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• March 14, 2016

So I’ve written a few drafts and posted none. My bad. Anyway, have to share this with you, last chance to join the Twisted kickstarter campaign :) Everything is amazing, you should check it out!  

“To rip the sky like Lightening: part 2”

• September 20, 2015

Finished all the Azure Hunters a few weeks ago. Finally got around to writing a post ;) Got some in progress photos.    Painted one piece of armour at a time on all five of the remaining ones. Worked really well actually, managed to get the colors on each one pretty unison.  The hair was […]

From the eternal sea He rises, creating armies on either shore

• March 2, 2015

Some favourites of mine. No Rackhams because I really can’t be expected to choose among them. Thief of Hearts by Darksword miniatures I love this one, she’s got such beautiful wings. They came all flat tho so I’ve bent them a bit for a more dynamic look. Another Thief of Hearts, 2012 edition I think […]

Stripping paint from miniatures (plastic & metal)

• May 7, 2012

The best thing I have found for stripping miniatures is Dettol. It dissolves both acrylics and primer but leaves plastic minis unharmed. I have read about some other liquids that can be used, though I haven’t tried any of these myself: Oven cleaner Simple green Dekorima färglösare (for Swedes) Dettol is an antiseptic detergent I […]