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“It’s all painted in her grief, all of her history etched out at her feet”

• April 10, 2012

This is my new friend <3 I have two of him actually. It’s the smaller one of the Rackham dragons. Never ever thought I’d get one of these, especially not two of them. This one will be ice. Blues and purple with a snowy base. I’m painting these guys up for my Confrontation team. It’s […]

Yet, if the wind breathe soft, the curling waves That break against the shore, shall lull my mind

• April 3, 2012

The shaman is done! Here is the finished one, I’m rather pleased with how he turned out after all. Backside. The skull on the staff is from some 40k orcbits, I sculpted some new horns and added some dangly bits. He’s got some important shamanstuff in his belt, book on herbs and potions, a scroll […]

come storms and tear the skies apart, safe we sleep in winter’s heart.

• October 31, 2011

Pictures as promised! Pants and skin is done. Working on the rest. I wanted a brown wolf so I added some red to his skintone (or furrtone I guess?) so it wouldn’t blend in too much with the color of his pants. For being one of my least favourite colors, I find brown is possibly […]

we set sail with no star in sight

• October 5, 2011

I took some new and better photos of the units I’m painting. A little cleaner than my usual from-the-desk updates :)

The Scarecrow – “Your story is definitively going to fall short.”

• August 10, 2011

Here is the finished Scarecrow; I like the Rackham version of him but I wanted the coat on mine to be pretty dark (he’s supposed to be an assassin after all) black and slightly purple. Masque is supposed to look made out of bone :) I carved out the sculpted straws from his sleeves and […]

Little Mr Scare

• August 2, 2011

Eating cherries and painting my scarecrow. I like this model. Nice to paint and kinda small so it’s done in a heartbeat. Sorry about the blurry photo, my camera wouldn’t focus on him and I can’t be bothered with cleaning up the background ;) Perched him on a stone cause his sword is a bit […]

“varg vikernes didn’t do it”

• July 25, 2011

Yay bad photos! Some wip’s of my wolf, he looks kinda good for real actually. I have to stop taking pictures at night. “wolfman jack, aouuuuuuuu”