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Vortex beast base – Path to Glory

• November 10, 2016

Made myself this pretty nice looking base (saying so myself) for my Vortex beast. I choose a rather large base for it, cause I like to have room for some more detailed terrain on my models :) The main idea was to use sea shells because I think those look pretty neat on bases. And […]

Chaos Knight – blue

• July 15, 2011

One of my Knights, the blue one. As mentioned before, I really do need a proper set-up for photographing, and I need to not do it in the middle of the night with poor lightning ;) I’m adding the finished ones anyway, for archiving, I’ll update the posts when I have better pics. Was going […]

Elusive seahorse

• July 5, 2011

Finished the horse, just his rider left :) I was going to add snow to the base but I’m not sure.. I kinda like it the way it is. Looks more like a carousel pony than a gritty warhorse doesn’t he? Maybe a little too polished… guess that’s my style, don’t know if I like […]

“but the Night Mother said we could have more souls..”

• July 3, 2011

I was gonna publish the results from the one-thing-a-week challenge here but I keep forgetting, so here’s just a quick update: week 1 – wolf, done week 2 – basecoat the tagteam, done week 3 – paint at least 1 tagteam mini, done week 4 – base Lylyth and Lanyssa, done No images! Can’t be […]

“fyfan vad jeg hater detta här”

• May 12, 2011

Waiting for my book orders to come through.. All artbooks, because there is too much space on my bookshelves after I sorted out some old and unwanted ones. I was in the big city last week to get some supplies. Those wonderful colors I posted last and the two new machines. My first two machines […]

“renegade like you, we dont need shelter only sky”

• February 24, 2011

Me and my deamons have been recruited to some sort of battle in a nearby town, which means I have to do some fast painting to finish them up and to that manage some decently looking bases as well. I am at basing, as with painting, all lost and confused so this should prove to […]

“A light on the edge of the outer night, like silver set ablaze”

• February 16, 2011

Another deamonette done for today! Making some kind of series of these I guess. My friend got this book Bird by Andrew Zuckerman, a super-talented photographer, if you haven’t checked out his works already I suggest you do. I was looking through it and got to thinking “these colors would look great on one of […]

If I were a norse god I’d be Skadi of the Frost..

• February 14, 2011

Past week was a mess, or I was, either way it wasn’t good. At least the snow came back, and the cold. Nothing like falling asleep to a snowstorm raging outside. I did manage to start on a new drawing though, been a while since I actually drew something just for myself and not for […]

and the Prince said “Dress you now in gaudy colors, so that the minions of our enemy gods may lavish in your beauty”

• November 9, 2010

One down! 15 to go… Thoughts? And be fucking nice with the comments it’s my first one.

Constructing a Keeper, part 2

• October 29, 2010

An update on the sculpting! I swear.. just looking at this thing has what little sanity points I had left just drizzling away like water from a spring. It has really been testing my patience. I’ve had some troubles with the sculpt cracking, and after some research  I’m guessing it’s  probably because I’ve taken it […]