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“To rip the sky like lightening”

• August 9, 2015

 Did a color test on one of my Azure Hunters from the Cadwallon army. Keeping these very pale, shades of blue and purple.  Hoping I can tie these together nicely with the Kestrels that are green, brown and red. Going to mix the army between these color schemes I think. Dark to light. I would […]

“and I will walk through woods again – Horncrowned, like my Father”

• March 8, 2015

Testing out some colors for my Confrontation armies.  These are some Daïkinees. I want to paint them in pretty strong colors, Im thinking red-orange-yellow and purple. And some green details.  Ive just been splashing some color in different combinations on two of the warriors, trying to decide where to use what.  Hardest part was the […]

“sometimes for an artist the only difference between genius and insanity is success”

• September 1, 2011

It has been brought to my attention that it is slightly (or very, really) odd to be so intent on building an army for a gameday that hasn’t even been set yet. I choose not to listen to that and instead give you an update on the army! All the friends together! Here is our […]

“There’s a secret she’s been keeping. She’s been dreaming and not sleeping.”

• August 22, 2011

Spent the day painting all the greens on our treekin-bonejacks :) Hoping to get them all done tomorrow, so at least one unit is ready to go! Gonna try to get the basecoat for all the metals done tonight so I only have the detailing left. Painted the bases too, just gonna add some turf, […]