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Cynwall Akhamiäls

• October 22, 2016

My Akhamials for Cynwall! On the darker half of the army. Think I will make all the constructs in dark blue/purple with blue glow :)  Got 4 more to paint, pretty quick tho.

“The Dragon goes to war” – part 2

• September 13, 2016

Finished my unit of Cynwall Selsyms at last! 9 of them here. There is a tenth that is still not painted. I had to strip it of paint before I could add it to the bunch. So it’s still in the wip-pile. There is also a champion, a musician and standard bearer to this troop, […]

“To rip the sky like Lightening: part 2”

• September 20, 2015

Finished all the Azure Hunters a few weeks ago. Finally got around to writing a post ;) Got some in progress photos.    Painted one piece of armour at a time on all five of the remaining ones. Worked really well actually, managed to get the colors on each one pretty unison.  The hair was […]