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“I will make sure that you rest in peace”

I made a Witch Hunter team for Mordheim, quite happy to have managed it all by myself (almost).
Now I’m set on painting all of them within a reasonable time as or house-rules says that any painted models always get hatred against unpainted :C mostly a disadvantage to me as I’m the slowest painter ever.
All are Rackhams too <3 (well not the cat, that’s a Warhammer one and the spider is Malifaux). I feel a bit bad about converting any models from my beloved Rackham collection, so some dont have the weapons they should, but its ok – promise!

Anyway! I finished two already so not too long I hope!
No names yet.

Witch Hunter Captain

Crossbow, dagger and hammer
Plus a tiny companion to carry his hammer (no stats and no use, just for looks. I need to glue a crossbow to the Captain too, got one somewhere on my desk.)

Witch Hunters

Pistol x 2, sword and dagger.

Crossbow, sword and dagger. (Gun will count as a crossbow and I will be adding a sword.)

Crossbow, mace and dagger. (Gun counts as crossbow, gonna add a mace.)

Warrior Priest

Sword, mace and dagger. (Staff will serve as mace.)


Because I don’t like dogs. I didn’t have three cats though so I use a cat, a beetle and a mechspider.


Spear, bow and dagger for both.


Flail and dagger.

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Blessed are the Obsessed, for their courses are clear

Been mostly work getting done here lately :)
The store where I have my little tattoo studio celebrates 10 years this October so I’ve been busy making stuff for the occasion ^^ Things for gift bags and such, and organizing my portfolio to have it out on display.

I have found the time for some hobby stuff tho, lately I’ve been into Mordheim again :>

I’ve got two different teams I’m working on, one Witch Hunters made up entirely of Confrontation miniatures, and one Carnival of Chaos.

This is the WH one:


Including the Novas, though I don’t really remember now what I was going to use them for.. might have been flagellants but I’m gonna use the three Dirzes to the right for that instead. Changed out their swords for flails from GW’s vampire knights.
It feels kinda wrong to be modding Rackhams, but it’s for a good cause anyway ;>
I’m not a fan of dogs so I’m using a scarab and cats instead.

Also got me a Neferata because the mount was so cool :D
I love these! Don’t so much love that they’re flying though so I’m repositioning mine to be climbing up a cliff instead.

This includes cutting apart the legs and feet and pinning them together at new angles.
I feel like this would have been easier to do with something not consisting of nothing but skeleton and skulls but I think it’ll work out. Not like the anatomy is very accurately representative of anything anyway.

Here is a very basic preview :)


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Blessed are the Musicians, for in their ears they hear the music of the soul

I have this personal project that I’ve been working on the last few weeks, a rather big piece of terrain.

It’s a church that is based on an actual church in Sweden, named after a saint with the same name as my friend that passed away. So this is for him really.
I hope he would have liked it, he always used to love my crazy projects.

I’m gonna mount it on a styrofoam board that I’m gonna do a cut-out in the middle of so the church can be lifted off to reveal a dungeon underneath. I think it’s gonna be cool!
Looking forward to figuring out the dungeon part.
I think I might do a base for the church that covers the entire size of the foam board so that the whole ground level can be lifted and you can play on both ground and dungeon level at the same time. My theory is that would be the most practical alternative.
That also make it easier to utilize the whole board for dungeons.

I have managed quite some progress in it so far, so here are some pics of various stages :)


2014-07-02 21.06.54

2014-07-02 21.07.08

2014-07-14 22.07.52

2014-07-14 22.08.22

2014-07-14 22.08.32

2014-07-14 22.09.35

2014-07-14 22.09.51

2014-07-21 23.16.26

2014-07-21 23.16.58

2014-07-21 23.17.20

2014-07-23 23.11.51

2014-07-23 23.12.06

2014-07-23 21.09.39

2014-07-23 21.09.32

2014-07-23 22.18.02

2014-07-23 23.11.42

2014-07-26 02.30.31

2014-07-26 02.30.36

2014-07-23 23.11.29

2014-07-26 02.29.53

2014-07-26 02.30.03

2014-07-26 23.27.03

2014-07-26 23.26.57

2014-07-26 23.27.16

2014-07-26 23.27.36

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“I lead the Alchemical Swarms…”

I got some new Rackhams <3



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Very Secret Journal

I made this blog for our little group of wargaming friends, for posting all the stuff we paint build and sometimes even play.

So if you want to see what my friends make, check it out here —> Very Secret Journal

We just started it a couple of days ago so not much to see yet but if you sub now you wont miss anything ;)

I’ll still be keeping this one though, for my personal use.

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“Wherever I woke up, I hoped it would be better than the hell of living without you.”

So I finished this knight a while ago. Kinda happy with the result.



I’ll post a better pic of the back later.
Finished it like four weeks ago, I just haven’t felt like posting anything on here.

A friend of mine had a stroke, and ended up in the hospital for two weeks, he was unconscious and had really high blood pressure and a fever, though he was breathing on his own the whole time. And then he was just gone.
I spent every day they would let me at the hospital with him. In the end they say it was the fever and infection that took him, his body just couldn’t fight it off.
I don’t know, maybe he knew the damage was too great to repair, and maybe he felt it was ok to let go.
I just wish things were different, that he was still here.

He was one of my best and closest friends, I loved him. I always thought I had more time to love him. It still doesn’t feel real, I can’t even imagine living in a world without him.

I miss him so much.

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Think I’ll miss you forever, like the stars miss the sun

I’m back to painting!
Feels good, I haven’t had any inspiration for almost a year. Picked up a mini now and then but nothing I painted turned out good so I just kinda gave up.

Anyway, been painting some Rackhams <3
A templar commander and started on one of my gas-blower goblins. Plan is to paint all 4 goblins. I’m currently sculpting more bases for the other ones.

Still wip but the templar is almost done.


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Aure Entuluva


It’s been a while.
So to speak.

To be honest there hasn’t really been anything to post in FOREVER.

I moved last year in January and since then I’ve hardly even picked up a brush or dropped a painstakingly pinned, primed, painted and almost finished mini to the floor.

My desk has been covered in clutter and broken dreams.

2014-01-12 18.20.07


On the bright side – I did buy this old antique desk with room for a serious amount of boxes, so I can sort everything very neatly. And there is lots of room at my other desk.
So while do have a really great workstation I just haven’t spent much time getting it in order.
I bought this cupboard last week tho, so I’ve started to sort all my miniatures into it and getting them off the desk.
Now there’s room to actually get some painting done.

2014-01-24 00.56.55

Much space for hobbystuff!

2014-01-24 00.57.17

(Almost) all my pretty Rackhams <3

I’ve spent most of this year working, and drawing tattoo motifs, but I really feel like doing some painting again soon!
Started a bit on my Infinity team, changed the colorscheme and feeling much happier about how they’re turning out.

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Sometimes you wake up, sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes when you fall, you fly

Some more progress on the ship today!
I used some wire cause I wanted round edges on the tailsections, I was thinking of using wood first but it so hard to bend enough without breaking. Luckily I had a roll of really thick wire (I bought it for something specific but I cant remember what).

I used some airdrying clay I had for filling up the space between the wires. I didnt want to waste greenstuff and milliput for it.
This clay is useless for sculpting detail but great for filling, and it can be sanded smooth :)

Ive started on the other side as well so theres not very much left.
Then theres just the balloon and rigging.




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