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“I will make sure that you rest in peace”

I made a Witch Hunter team for Mordheim, quite happy to have managed it all by myself (almost).
Now I’m set on painting all of them within a reasonable time as or house-rules says that any painted models always get hatred against unpainted :C mostly a disadvantage to me as I’m the slowest painter ever.
All are Rackhams too <3 (well not the cat, that’s a Warhammer one and the spider is Malifaux). I feel a bit bad about converting any models from my beloved Rackham collection, so some dont have the weapons they should, but its ok – promise!

Anyway! I finished two already so not too long I hope!
No names yet.

Witch Hunter Captain

Crossbow, dagger and hammer
Plus a tiny companion to carry his hammer (no stats and no use, just for looks. I need to glue a crossbow to the Captain too, got one somewhere on my desk.)

Witch Hunters

Pistol x 2, sword and dagger.

Crossbow, sword and dagger. (Gun will count as a crossbow and I will be adding a sword.)

Crossbow, mace and dagger. (Gun counts as crossbow, gonna add a mace.)

Warrior Priest

Sword, mace and dagger. (Staff will serve as mace.)


Because I don’t like dogs. I didn’t have three cats though so I use a cat, a beetle and a mechspider.


Spear, bow and dagger for both.


Flail and dagger.

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