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Deamon princess

I’m so bad at publishing regularly ;> I want to though. I have a big number of posts planned in my head, I just have some trouble with getting them out.

Anyway, I had a long hiatus with my miniatures but I started working on my army again these past three months. And I’ve gotten a LOT done. I started about doing some more conversions because I wanted more females in my army. So in the same spirit as my marauders I did a few more kitbash units.

For a start: a deamon princess of Slaanesh. Made from a deamonette, the naga from the dark elf Cauldron of blood, wych elf arms and an assortment of weapons. I think she turned out nicely :) I’m gonna put her on a cliff and resculpt her tail a bit.
She is inspired part by Kali, part by Dechala the Denied One. I really like Dechalas story. I’ve made an elven version of her as well that I’m gonna use for my wood elf/Sylvaneth army.

I’ll try to upload some more photos of the rest of the army when I have time. In the meantime I post much more photos on my instagram @valadys if you are interested :>

~ by Ethelie on January 31, 2018 .

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