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Vortex beast base – Path to Glory

• November 10, 2016

Made myself this pretty nice looking base (saying so myself) for my Vortex beast. I choose a rather large base for it, cause I like to have room for some more detailed terrain on my models :) The main idea was to use sea shells because I think those look pretty neat on bases. And […]

We walk as tall as the skyline, and we have roots like the trees

• October 23, 2016

I found me some more Rackham minis. Cause you can never have enough ^^ Also, I got them just after new year so as it’s a new year, basically, the fund is reset. Found a few rarities I’ve been looking for quite some time now. Almost done with all the pinning. I broke yet another 0.5 drill […]

Cynwall Akhamiäls

• October 22, 2016

My Akhamials for Cynwall! On the darker half of the army. Think I will make all the constructs in dark blue/purple with blue glow :)  Got 4 more to paint, pretty quick tho.

“The Dragon goes to war” – part 2

• September 13, 2016

Finished my unit of Cynwall Selsyms at last! 9 of them here. There is a tenth that is still not painted. I had to strip it of paint before I could add it to the bunch. So it’s still in the wip-pile. There is also a champion, a musician and standard bearer to this troop, […]

“Command little masters. My destiny is in your hands” – Mid-Nor

• August 25, 2016

Another Confrontation army Ive been basing :) I got some resin bases that I copied in a silicone mold. They were round so I just poured a shallow level of resin and just used the top layer of them and glued them on the bases. The small ones I could just cut out from a […]

“Follow me or die here!”

• August 15, 2016

Today’s project: building a base and start painting Razheem the Insane. The model is a friend of mine’s, he promised me I could paint it because I really loved it :) It’s an old Confrontation model so it’s of course oop now. But this was like 4 years ago so I’ve managed to find myself […]

“We awoke to see the grass is black, and the sky was made of ashes” – Path to Glory

• April 13, 2016

I’ve been making myself a Path to Glory warband since a friend of mine wanted to start a campaign. Mostly all of our little group will be joining it, though at the moment the others are busy with assembling and painting 30k armies, which means I have got some time to finish up. Which is […]


• March 14, 2016

So I’ve written a few drafts and posted none. My bad. Anyway, have to share this with you, last chance to join the Twisted kickstarter campaign :) Everything is amazing, you should check it out!  

“War never changes”

• January 17, 2016

I bought myself a new headset because my old one had a glitchy cable and sounded really bad (: And also: Steel series Siberia Elite Prism, really good sound. Gunshots kinda make you deaf. And how pretty are these!

“They call me the Shipwrecker”   Goblin pirates

• November 3, 2015

This is my Mordheim pirate crew, for use with the airship I have been constructing (which I really need to finish by the way, not too much work left on it). Consisting of Rackhams with the edition of GW’s Goblin Doom Divers, because I think they’re cool. The original goblin pirate crew are these nine […]