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“War never changes”

• January 17, 2016

I bought myself a new headset because my old one had a glitchy cable and sounded really bad (: And also: Steel series Siberia Elite Prism, really good sound. Gunshots kinda make you deaf. And how pretty are these!

“They call me the Shipwrecker”   Goblin pirates

• November 3, 2015

This is my Mordheim pirate crew, for use with the airship I have been constructing (which I really need to finish by the way, not too much work left on it). Consisting of Rackhams with the edition of GW’s Goblin Doom Divers, because I think they’re cool. The original goblin pirate crew are these nine […]

“The Dragon goes to war”

• September 28, 2015

These are my Selsyms, sword troops for Cynwall. Three belong to the war-staff, together with a musician, standard bearer and a captain.  The rest are part of the regular troops box, but I’m missing a few. I think I have all the sculpts but there should be 11 of them. I think I have 10 […]

“To rip the sky like Lightening: part 2”

• September 20, 2015

Finished all the Azure Hunters a few weeks ago. Finally got around to writing a post ;) Got some in progress photos.    Painted one piece of armour at a time on all five of the remaining ones. Worked really well actually, managed to get the colors on each one pretty unison.  The hair was […]

“To rip the sky like lightening”

• August 9, 2015

 Did a color test on one of my Azure Hunters from the Cadwallon army. Keeping these very pale, shades of blue and purple.  Hoping I can tie these together nicely with the Kestrels that are green, brown and red. Going to mix the army between these color schemes I think. Dark to light. I would […]

“Subtley is the virtue of nobles”

• August 3, 2015

I got some paint on my Cynwall Kestrels \o/ Trying to do some batch painting on these, never managed that before cause I get kinda bored.  I think these will be the darkest ones in the army, colorwise, want to keep the rest of them very light. I think it suits them.  Used this painting […]

“The wind whispers to me it’s secrets”

• March 31, 2015

Have been working on my Cynwall army for Confrontation, basing all of them and am planning to paint them up.  I didnt feel like making my own bases for all of them since I have quite a lot of them. So I bought some resin base from Micro Arts and made a silikon mold of […]

“M’aiq knows much, and tells some. M’aiq knows many things others do not.”

• March 14, 2015

Me and my friends have a plan to play Elder Scrolls: Skyrim as a miniature game. Something similar to Mordheim with smaller warbands.  We’re gonna need to make some terrain of course :> snowy nordic landscapes.  I bought some cool women from Red Box games, think they’d fit right in with the world. Theyre really […]

“and I will walk through woods again – Horncrowned, like my Father”

• March 8, 2015

Testing out some colors for my Confrontation armies.  These are some Daïkinees. I want to paint them in pretty strong colors, Im thinking red-orange-yellow and purple. And some green details.  Ive just been splashing some color in different combinations on two of the warriors, trying to decide where to use what.  Hardest part was the […]

From the eternal sea He rises, creating armies on either shore

• March 2, 2015

Some favourites of mine. No Rackhams because I really can’t be expected to choose among them. Thief of Hearts by Darksword miniatures I love this one, she’s got such beautiful wings. They came all flat tho so I’ve bent them a bit for a more dynamic look. Another Thief of Hearts, 2012 edition I think […]