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there is a light in the shallow waters

I’m a bad updater but whatever.

I’ve had a great birthday and a good christmas and way too much Skyrim, if that’s possible.

Feeling a bit fed up with christmas and all that comes with it now, my mum was hysterical as always, It’s good to be home in the quiet.

A little army update: finished up the two sparrows, one troll and got some work done on a few more of the trolls and the second wolf. I’ll do my best on the fusiliers this week I think, I should be able to get them all done if I can keep from very distracting dragons and caves full of treasures.
I’m trying out the batch-painting thing, I’m not good at it but trying. I’m already done with the green on their coats so I’m hopeful. All the tiny little details are so time-consuming though, pouches and knives and guns and all sorts of things.

The first wolf is all done! I think he turned out ok, been working a bit more on his colors than on the fusiliers since he’s a filler and I sorta felt he should be special. Other than being a giant wolf among the tiny little griffons.

And one troll done!
He just needs something supercool painted onto his flag.

I also feel like it’s time to paint my Changeling and the Masque. I have wanted to paint them since I got them but I’ve let them sit, figuring what colors should be and I feel like I’ve finally decided – every color!
I’m thinking I’m gonna have them both on the same base. Changeling on a cliff overlooking the scene and the Masque on ground level below. I’m gonna use the same blue color for both of them and then tone it out in some different colors.

And here they are, roughly in their right colors.

I’m feeling confident about this. Excited to see if it comes together like I hope it will or if I will have to start all over.

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    Åhhhh! Troll!!!

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