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“sometimes for an artist the only difference between genius and insanity is success”

It has been brought to my attention that it is slightly (or very, really) odd to be so intent on building an army for a gameday that hasn’t even been set yet. I choose not to listen to that and instead give you an update on the army!

All the friends together!

Here is our general on a Great Eagle, without and eagle, he just flies by himself.

I really didn’t like the skirt of this model, all flat and weird, uninspiring. (Privateer has no good pic of him where you can see it but here’s one up on Coolmini.)
So I cut most of it away and sculpted a new wavy one instead. Much better.
Was a pain to get it smooth though, it still isn’t perfect in some places but I will leave it as it is now and save some sanity points on that.
I’m not sure about those soulthings that are supposed to go on the base, I might resculpt them a bit. Or maybe leave them out altogether and just use them for some other bases. Spirits in the swamp.

And here are our Great Eagle replacements.

Not quite what we had expected.. thought they were much bigger than they turned out to be… They’re only about as tall as two nurglings stacked on top of each other but they are so gorgeous! I love them.
I’ll just have to build up their rather oversized bases with some debris, logs and skulls and mushrooms :)

The dryads then.

I used my Andrea white-paint set for these (is it just me or does that paint smell sort of like white chocolate?). I like the colors but I don’t think I’ll stick to the recommended way of using them. It says you should start with the base then highlight and lastly add shadows, not really my way of painting. I will probably just use them the same way I use other colors, shading to highlight.

Our warhounds of chaos.

My cthonians! I was planning tp put them on swampbases anyway so I get some use of them now.

Also, I had a thought on bases: how similar should they be in an army to make it coherent?
There are some really nice ready-made bases to buy but I don’t like them much, I think they look too much the same, every single base has got a piece of ruin on it. I’m sure there would be just some plain ground somewhere around the ruins as well?
Maybe you’re supposed to mix them up with less cluttered bases, but then you still have to make some yourself (kind of makes for more of a hazzle than I expect you’d want if you buy pre-made bases?).
I’ve tried to vary mine a bit, I don’t want it to get boring by making them too similar.

There will be either water or moss on all bases, and some grasstufts, I think I’ll use that to tie them together. Then I can vary the debris pretty freely and still have them look like they belong together. I don’t want to add too many elements either, that will just make them look cluttered.
I think at least one unit with just water and no moss would be a nice break.

Here are the bases for the treekins (2 of them are glued on to the base already but you get the idea).

Trying to work out colors that go well together but keeps the models from looking too generic as well. I think the larvaehounds will be some sort of purple, still goes with the theme colors but breaks off a bit from the uniform scheme of the armour.
The dryads have no green but are mostly copper so I think they will blend in nicely as well.

Rambling, rambling, ever notice I get sort of obsessed sometimes?

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2 Responses to ““sometimes for an artist the only difference between genius and insanity is success””

  1.   Viruk Says:

    Yes, the andrea paints from white set have a slightly sugary smell :) And I also tend to use them not strictly according to the instructions on the box ;)
    The swamp bases look great, especially the parts where water flows over the moss – very realistic effect. Did you use some kind of water effect there?

    •   Ethelie Says:

      I did try the instructions before discarding them, just for good measure :)
      The water is Still water from Vallejo, I really like it, looks really good, though you have to apply it in pretty thin layers cause it shrinks away quite a bit. I’ll be writing up a step-by-step post on the bases soon :)

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