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“renegade like you, we dont need shelter only sky”

Me and my deamons have been recruited to some sort of battle in a nearby town, which means I have to do some fast painting to finish them up and to that manage some decently looking bases as well.
I am at basing, as with painting, all lost and confused so this should prove to be interesting.

Theme of our team is oceanic so I googled on “sand” and found some nice colors refs (and this awesome castle too, I love people who build san sculptures).

The finished sandcolor didn’t turn out anywhere near what I had in mind.

At first, I based it blue and drybrushed green and then finished it off with some kind of pale beige-green-yellowish color that looked like crap, so I started over and made it just plain greenish instead, then painted the rocks purple because I thought grey rock sounded boring.

I have been told though that it’s not any good so I’m thinking of doing it over (whatever color I should make it instead I have no clue on).
Friend of mine says the colors are too bright in relation to my deamonettes who are quite a bright bunch themselves.

I’m not sure if I disagree or not, he could have a point.

My original plan was to have ice and snow for the bases. Sounds a lot easier doesn’t it?

I found some old moss I used for an art project, like a thousand years back, that serve as some nice corals.

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