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“One’s art goes as far and as deep as one’s love goes.”

Hope you all get to have a good new year :)
I celebrated my new years eve Bioshock-style with a bunnymask made by my friend Angela (she makes beautiful mask and just as pretty art).

I’ve been painting some but right now everything is packed for moving so I’ve got no updates to give you. Once I’m unpacked there will be pictures!
My friend says the “what I’ve painted last year-pic” is obligational too, should be fairly quick business since I can’t seem to ever finish anything ;)

I’m taking some time off work. Crossed out all Mondays for the coming weeks. I just have too much to do, working and trying to organize moving at the same time. I feel like I’m falling apart.
And the sad part is that customers don’t really appreciate you anyway. How you work 18 hours a day and skip lunch just to have time for them and they’re mad cause you’re late for staying up all night just to redo a design for them because it wasn’t just right.  You’re so tired you can’t even separate the days anymore and you just feel like you’re going crazy.

I’ve spent a whole year now like that, pleasing others and working weekends and late nights without really taking any time off to compensate. Whenever I’ve had a free day it’s still been occupied with reading and writing emails, taking care of our website, drawing sketches for people and bookkeeping.

I’m very disorganized and I’ve realized I need a schedule to stop me from becoming a total mess. I can’t just work an extra day here and maybe if I have time take half a day off there.
I need some structure, free Mondays and one scheduled weekend per month that I can work seems like a good start.

What I’d really need is a vacation, 2 weeks off to just settle into my new apartment and making it feel like an actual home.
I never really felt at home anywhere ive lived, like this place is just a storage for my stuff and where I happened to sleep but I wouldn’t really call it home.
Trying to make this different tho, so to start with I’m spending more money on wallpapers than I actually make in a month but I really don’t care. I just want nice walls that  I’ll love.

Gods I am so tired. Somewhere in this mess I’m gonna find some time to sleep.

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