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If I were a norse god I’d be Skadi of the Frost..

Past week was a mess, or I was, either way it wasn’t good.
At least the snow came back, and the cold.
Nothing like falling asleep to a snowstorm raging outside.

I did manage to start on a new drawing though, been a while since I actually drew something just for myself and not for work, feels good to have some inspiration again.

And I got some panting done on my deamonettes!
I have this idea about painting one a day – I should have them done pretty soon. Don’t know for how long I can keep that up but so far it’s all good.
Got 1.5 done last night and 1 tonight.

These two are from last night, one in blue..
(quite happy with the face on this one actually, been avoiding that cause it’s so damn hard but I got tiny brushes now for painting tiny eyes – yay!)

..and one in pink.
(green hair?)

This one I did tonight, purplish girl.

I got this one too who is finished, painted her a few weeks ago.

Been buying a few pots of paints every now and then as I’ve come so see what was missing. I feel like I got myself a nice set of paints now, still a few colors I’d like to add that seem useful.
Much can be accomplished through blending but it’s nice to be a little lazy sometimes and not have to mix 5 different colors to get the exact one you need. Less blending also means a better chance to replicate earlier used tones.
I think I need to buy a new light gold, mine is years old and seems to have clogged up beyond all help.

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