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“I don’t wear a watch, it’s always the right time.”

There has been an evident lack of updates here, I’ve been too busy doing other things than paint or blog.
Playing Skyrim and moving my new studio.
Mainly Skyrim.

I have been doing some good though, I bought some Gamezone minis a few weeks ago, their vampire Mournful knights, some elves and a girl in a dress on a horse, and they’re all primed and I’m working on bases for some of them. Even started painting one of the vampires.
I should get back to painting army, lots to be done still :)
I have no work booked and nothing planned next weekend (hoping it stays that way) so I’m gonna try to get some of the army minis done. Hopefully 8 of them (I’ve started on all of them so they’re in various stages of completion) but realistically 1-2 ;)

I’ll give you a longer update tomorrow, I’m a bit too tired right now.

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