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“fyfan vad jeg hater detta här”

Waiting for my book orders to come through..
All artbooks, because there is too much space on my bookshelves after I sorted out some old and unwanted ones.

I was in the big city last week to get some supplies.

Those wonderful colors I posted last and the two new machines.
My first two machines that I bought myself for my own money :) that’s a big day.

I got some stuffs for my minis as well, fake-water which I have been battling the last two evenings trying to add it to a base I built.
I constructed some sort of walls around the base in plastic and used tape to secure it, thought that would be the solution but turns out the watermix dissolves the glue on the tape and leaks out.
So now my desk is covered in sticky waterpuddles :(
Found a forum tip saying this could be avoided by stuffing all the cracks with glue, so I used some white glue in all the corners and glued the walls to the base.
Now it looks like some sort of aquarium.
Hoping it will work this time. Doesn’t seem to be leaking though so I guess it’s a step in the right direction.

Oh and I bought Archaon and the Chaos champ.
Have been planning to get them “some time” and now that GW is apparently not casting any metallics anymore it seemed like a good time to get them before they’re gone.
Kind of like Rackhams models. I love those.

At least I got my Liber today, one book less to be waiting for.


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