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From the eternal sea He rises, creating armies on either shore

Some favourites of mine.
No Rackhams because I really can’t be expected to choose among them.

Thief of Hearts by Darksword miniatures

I love this one, she’s got such beautiful wings. They came all flat tho so I’ve bent them a bit for a more dynamic look.

2015-02-21 13.06.28

Another Thief of Hearts, 2012 edition I think (?) one released every year.

2015-02-21 13.06.39

Very nice deep-sea queen with pet octopus.

2015-02-21 13.07.16

Illyad games

I don’t remember her name, probably the best barbarian miniature I’ve seen. Makes me think of Slaine.

2015-02-21 13.08.34

Bomb Pilot

I recently got this but I can’t remember wherever from. I think she’s cool anyway.

2015-02-21 13.10.46

Steampunk Dorothy from Guild of Harmony

Yeah, I’ve got Ariel, Tinkerbell and Alice too :>
Very finely detailed minis. I’m gonna have to make some cool bases for them.

2015-02-21 13.20.51

Morvahna by Privateer Press

I just love that goat mount. Reminds me of the Talbuks in Outlands ;>

2015-02-21 13.07.36

Simon miniature sculptor

His own range of minis. I have most of them, ridiculously fine detailing.
He sculpts these by hand and sells them on his blog. Recommended :)

Zaya and Marduk

2015-02-21 13.15.07

Elrick and Lucius

2015-02-21 13.20.11

Geisha from McVey

Think it had some fancy name but I can’t remember it now

2015-02-21 13.22.24

Ysera and Darkness, also McVey
I like her odd-looking demon

2015-02-21 13.22.08

Forgotten Warrior by Enigma

I kinda love anything with horns so yea, had to buy this one. I like his whole outfit, very warrior of chaos but kinda different.

2015-02-21 13.09.00

Chaos Sorcerer from Forgeworld

I thinks he’s pretty. He’s got a pet too, looks kinda like a pile of body parts thrown and fused together. Not as pretty.

2015-02-21 13.11.10

A bird-god-demon from Andrea.


2015-02-21 13.08.17

Goblin Shaman

I don’t remember where this one is from. I think I have another model from the same company though, can’t remember wich one.
Nice model anyway, really like the proportions, it’s kinda small.

2015-02-21 13.10.20

Troll from Imbrian Arts

I’ve got a whole bunch of Jodi’s goblins too :>

2015-02-21 13.17.44


I have a Combined army but I got this just because it looked like it would be fun to paint.

2015-02-21 13.09.36

Elspeth on Carmine dragon by Forgeworld

Of course. I’ve been looking at this one for a long time, finally bought it.
I’m not all in with the dragons wings, been thinking of exchanging those for others if I find any that would be suitable.

2015-02-21 13.13.01


I should get to painting some of these.

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