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Constructing a Keeper, part 2

An update on the sculpting!

I swear.. just looking at this thing has what little sanity points I had left just drizzling away like water from a spring.
It has really been testing my patience.

I’ve had some troubles with the sculpt cracking, and after some research  I’m guessing it’s  probably because I’ve taken it out of the oven right after baking and let it cool down too fast so the difference in temperature had the construct breaking.
I bought some heat-resistant glue to solve the problem, which didn’t work at all because it didn’t really fasten to the sculpey. But fine, I managed to repair most of it with more clay.
There are some cracks left but I’m planning on fixing those with some superglue and greenstuff as soon as I’ve made the final baking on the body.
I think it will hold up well enough in the end.

I’ve found some better baking instructions around the internet. Apparently most people agree that the instructions that comes with the packet is pure crap and should not be followed.

I have been following the recommendations I found in a forum the last couple of times I baked my sculpt (I have no link atm but will make an update on that later) and i think it work fine really.
Basically its; lower heat, longer baking time, cool slowly.
So, first let the sculpt heat with the oven to 100 C, then bake for three hours, lower the heat to ovens minimum (usually around 75 C) and bake for three more hours, turn the oven off, let the sculpt cool slowly in the oven overnight.

The only thing is when the clay is baked for a long time it changes color. So now it’s pretty dark.
Doesn’t matter to me really since its gonna be painted but if you want to keep it a nice skintone kind of color you might want to avoid this.

Anyway, here she is!

I started making a head which I later removed, I thought it better to sculpt that separately and then fasten it later on. Because of some structural issues, but more on that when I get started on it!
I fleshed out the arms a bit, then baked the sculpt again to harden the arms.

After I had baked it here was when it first cracked, both legs broke off (sorry, no pic) and I glued them together and added some scupey to keep them together, then baked it again.

This is the sculpt after I baked it for 6 hours according to the instructions I read at the forum. As you can see it turned much darker and it’s a lot harder than before.

Arms nearly done, added eyes to her boobs and some toes!
Originally it has two big claws on the feet but I don’t do symmetry well.
So I made three.


One of the claw-arms under construction, will be adding more detail here later.

Latest version; front
Added some details to the lower pair of arms, I’m not sure I like them but it’s hard to tell before they’re finished so I’ll keep working on them for now.

and back.
It’s mostly the backsides of the arms I don’t like much.
I don’t know if they turned out too thick. I need to shafe down the spikes and reshape them a little, might look better when that’s done, we’ll see.

I was kinda set on this to be the last round of baking but I’m gonna bake it just one more effing time..
I added some more clay to the legs because I thought they were a little bit too weak and I would hate them breaking off later on.
So just as a precaution.
It might make no difference whatsoever but just in case!

I’m so tired of this whole baking business, I just want to get on to detailing and painting!
Because of that I’m putting all my hopes on green stuff now.
I don’t know if that’s good.
I haven’t even tried working with it, it might suck and everything is ruined but im hoping not…
it’s kind of sticky…
I’m not sure I like that.

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  1.   Skarsnik Says:

    Kickass! In more then one sense =P

  2.   Kristine Says:

    wow. impressing.

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