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come storms and tear the skies apart, safe we sleep in winter’s heart.

Pictures as promised!

Pants and skin is done. Working on the rest.
I wanted a brown wolf so I added some red to his skintone (or furrtone I guess?) so it wouldn’t blend in too much with the color of his pants.
For being one of my least favourite colors, I find brown is possibly the one I want to have the most different tones of. There are so many things that are brown and just having 3 different ones to choose from makes stuff look pretty much the same.
I think I’m gonna invest in a few more brown colors.

This particular Wolfen is a character, his name is Likaï. He’s got a rifle in his hands but I have to paint that separetly otherwise I won’t be able to reach.

He’s slightly different from his elven friends in color. But since he’s a little different all over I thought it suited him.
Lighter green on his shirt, but he’s got the same kind of gloves that they do (I didn’t notice that before) and the pants are the same style so those will have about the same color anyway.

I’m planning on having him all done by the weekend, but we’ll se how that goes :)

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