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“but the Night Mother said we could have more souls..”

I was gonna publish the results from the one-thing-a-week challenge here but I keep forgetting, so here’s just a quick update:

week 1 – wolf, done
week 2 – basecoat the tagteam, done
week 3 – paint at least 1 tagteam mini, done
week 4 – base Lylyth and Lanyssa, done

No images!
Can’t be bothered with it right now


I got some other WIP stuffs for you!

Based a couple of fusiliers for the army, they’re kinda done now, just need to paint the gloves on the one to the right (+ the remaining 4..).
For bases we converged on a swamp theme, I’m easily convinced on anything that includes me getting to play with water :)

The result:
(white is water that will be transparent once it dries)

They don’t look very much alike.. consistency is my weakness.

Though it was worse to begin with, I washed the second base down with some devlan mud (lifesaver) cause it was just WAY too bright a green in comparison.
Don’t know how I’m gonna manage a full army..

And, I sort of  realize I’m mad when I catch myself thinking “maybe he shouldn’t have copper clasps for his shoes, copper is a bit fragile, it might break”.


Other than that, I have based my Cadwë bowmen (or is it bandits). Again, was supposed to be a unit, but ended up very differently nonetheless..

Finally came up with a color scheme for my chaos knights, decided to do all of them with beige armour and then just use different colors for the horses.

These I actually planned to make very different in crazy colors, like one purple, one pink, one blue, one green and one yellow.
Funny the only unit I was deliberately going to make totally incoherent actually came out looking unified.
apparently it’s my planning I just can’t manage to follow through with.

Oh and I got a japanese saw today at the market, these are pure magic!

Razor sharp and very steady for sawing smaller stuff, like tiny pieces of wood for basing ;)


I have also started painting again (on actual paper and not just minis), haven’t been doing that since last summer, suddenly got an urge for some flowery fae.
Actually painting this with acrylics, I never managed those before, dries too fast for me, I’m more for oils when painting on canvas. This thought, is on paper that I use for watercolor (but it’s meant for acrylic paint so I guess I got something right there in the end) and very thinned out.
I like it.

And my desklamp actually gave up right just now… damnit. I have been waiting for it more or less, it’s been falling apart, like the cord is loose and the wires are hanging out from the contact on it and it looks kinda messy, like you could hurt yourself really bad on it. But you know, it’s a good lamp and I couldn’t find one exactly like it so I though I could just keep it just for a while longer… it still works! well… it did.

There is this guy in town who fixes electrical stuff, he’s taken care of both pedal and clipcoard to my tattoo machines so my hopes are on that he can fix my lamp to, will have to talk to him monday.

I need to keep painting horsie feet now.

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