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Blessed are the Obsessed, for their courses are clear

Been mostly work getting done here lately :)
The store where I have my little tattoo studio celebrates 10 years this October so I’ve been busy making stuff for the occasion ^^ Things for gift bags and such, and organizing my portfolio to have it out on display.

I have found the time for some hobby stuff tho, lately I’ve been into Mordheim again :>

I’ve got two different teams I’m working on, one Witch Hunters made up entirely of Confrontation miniatures, and one Carnival of Chaos.

This is the WH one:


Including the Novas, though I don’t really remember now what I was going to use them for.. might have been flagellants but I’m gonna use the three Dirzes to the right for that instead. Changed out their swords for flails from GW’s vampire knights.
It feels kinda wrong to be modding Rackhams, but it’s for a good cause anyway ;>
I’m not a fan of dogs so I’m using a scarab and cats instead.

Also got me a Neferata because the mount was so cool :D
I love these! Don’t so much love that they’re flying though so I’m repositioning mine to be climbing up a cliff instead.

This includes cutting apart the legs and feet and pinning them together at new angles.
I feel like this would have been easier to do with something not consisting of nothing but skeleton and skulls but I think it’ll work out. Not like the anatomy is very accurately representative of anything anyway.

Here is a very basic preview :)


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