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“and they have escaped the weight of darkness..”

Back home again from my easter vacation. Spent a lot of time outdoors in the backyard, I miss having a garden myself.
My mum gave me a glass door cupboard for storing my minis in. It’s not quite big enough to room the houses but the units will fit nicely in it.
I got some work done as well, both painting and modeling.

My sisters desk, remodeled into my temporary workspace:
(I did leave some room for her laptop right at the end of it.)

Here is a base I made for one of my wolves:

I know I shouldn’t have attached the model itself before painting but my sister really wanted to see some results so I made this to show her :)

It’s made out of a piece of wood I cut to the right size and then painted, I had to build it up with some green stuff underneath his paws so he would stand steadily. Added some ready-made tufts of grass from GW and old dried flowers from my mum’s bird cherry tree (I think that’s the name for them).
I will add some more grass tufts around the paws once I get the wolf painted.

I added some things to the wolf as well, the belt is entirely remodeled, because I didn’t like the old one. I also added the bag and bottle for a bit more detail. The shoulder armour and the strap on his back are also new. All of it made with green stuff :D

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