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“And in that time of darkness, Man became Beast, And Beast became Man.”

I went to my first war game a couple of weeks ago, was fun even though I still have no real clue about how the game works. Already started planning the next one though, I want some kind of steampunkpirate-cthuluesk army with lots of gas masks and tentacles. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

I’ve been prepping some reaper minis I bought a while ago but haven’t gotten around to yet (been spending all my time on the deamonettes).
There are mostly sorceresses and critters but also a squidman (cause he looked like a pirate and i like pirates). Working on modding them a bit, using some weapon bits I picked up at the same time. Now I just have to think of good color schemes. Green purple and blue are good candidates.
I also got a bunch pf wolfens from Rackham miniatures, just the other day, and a few more are waiting for me at the post office, gonna pick them up tomorrow.
I love the wolfens, always been more inclined to paint beasts or beastmen rather than regular people and wolfens combine the bestial concept with nice armour details. And I love painting fur.

I find painting minis overall is a good exercise in both matching colors and shading. I’ve always had trouble with color blending and matching tones so it’s good practise.
So I can see some use in the bunch of wolfen I just ordered and not just a total waste of money space and time.
Though I would still be doing it no matter if it was a waste, just for fun.

There will be some pictures of both reaper ladies and the pack of wolfes, but tomorrow, now is time for bed.

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