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“and from the bryne we clawe thee deep”

I got a Dreadfleet box <3
It’s lovely.
I’ve got a lot of painting to do.

I’m out of army to paint now since the King has the rest of them. I don’t really mind though, gives me some time for painting warships ;)

I started out with the ship bases. I used inks for painting the water, I like the slightly translucent effect they give, the opaque colors makes for a much flatter surface.
I find there is a littel less control to painting with inks, but it can give some nice surprise effects.
It’s kind of like painting with water colors.

These are the ones I’ve finished so far (more or less):
Skabrus, Black kraken, Seadrake, Grimnir’s thunder and Swordfysh.
I wanted really bright blue colors so they would blend in with the gaming board (or cloth really).

I made the bases for the dreadfleet a little darker by adding some black to the darkest part of the waters. Just to distinguish them a little.

First ship to get painted is the Black kraken, with my favourite metallic paint – burnished gold :)

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6 Responses to ““and from the bryne we clawe thee deep””

  1.   corvus Says:

    This looks absolutely awesome so far.


  2.   Viruk Says:

    Great idea with using the inks for painting water. I noticed that the painted bases for Dreadfleet (such as the ones you can see at GW’s website) look rather flat. Also, I think the mat is quite dark so they’ll fit in even better. Have fun with painting the ships!

    •   Ethelie Says:

      yes, that’s what I’ve been thinking too seeing both GW’s bases and other painted bases around the web. I think the vibrant colors of the inks matched the mat better as well as it’s got quite bright blues and greens.

  3.   sho3box Says:

    Its funny to comment on a post mainly consisting simply of bases, but these are particularly lovely (as are the other Dreadfleet bits that you have done so far).

    My Dreadfleet sits in the box, although every time that I open it I get enthusiastic about working on it: it really is a beautiful box of cool stuff.

    Like you I tend to flit from project to project, although I try to keep myself in check. Dreadfleet is a medium sized project that I reckon I could get finished over six weeks or so without creatively herniating myself. Some day.

    •   Ethelie Says:

      Thank you very much :) I’m happy to hear you like them.
      I’ve given up on trying to keep to one thing, I can never manage ^^ and seriously, 6 weeks? I’d be happy if I could manage to paint one ship in that time, haha. I’m really slow :)

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