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“A light on the edge of the outer night, like silver set ablaze”

Another deamonette done for today! Making some kind of series of these I guess.

My friend got this book Bird by Andrew Zuckerman, a super-talented photographer, if you haven’t checked out his works already I suggest you do. I was looking through it and got to thinking “these colors would look great on one of my deamonettes..” so I just had to get me a copy as well.
You can see pictures from the book plus some extra pictures! over at this website birdbook.org
So anyway, I’ve picked some different birds from the book to inspire coming deamonettes.

As stated earlier I’m trying to finish at least one deamonette a day to get some good progress on them so I thought I’d post them as I finish them.
Actually I started this first one yesterday, or I half-painted two to be exact. I started out on one that was supposed to have some pink & red color scheme but she turned out a bit more peach than I expected. So I put her aside to figure out what to do about her and started on this one instead.

Todays birddeamonette: Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Very white for the body, shaded with some light blue-grey color (doesn’t show well in my crappy pics but anyway) and yellowish hair that tones out from white to light orange. Silver armour.

I’m considering making her feet a darker tone of grey, to get more contrast in the body and get a feel of birdsfeet. But I’m not sure so I’ll call her done for now.

This is the bird if you don’t know what I’m talking about:

Finished up this one too, she’s been sitting on my desk waiting for a face for ages so I thought she deserved something for her patience. Colors inspired by a dress I saw on some tv-show or movie or whatever, gorgeous green-black color.

I like adding extra arms to my girls… sometimes two just doesn’t seem like enough.

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